About me

Born in Belarus, and now a Slovakia based artist, teacher and interior designer, Sviatlana Psenickova Krepsky works primarily with acrylic paintings and drawing. Art and in particular painting which is her life's passion formed her humanistic viewpoint of the surrounding world. Art became the perfect supporting instrument for her to communicate with the world in a nonverbal manner. This passion pushed her forward - from architecture and architectural practice to more humanistic communication with society. From a young age she has believed, "You can achieve anything once you want it and visualise it in your mind."

Painting for Sviatlana is a powerful source of energy and dialogue with the world as well as a research tool for the inner world where she can represent her feelings about today's problems. Themes such as people, love and hate, war conflicts, and refugees are confronted in her art. Her signature painting style combines purposeful colours and abstract figurative shapes to delicately balance naivety and understated sophistication. No two pieces are alike, and yet all the artworks have a common thread: colourful and playful. Using interior design skills, and attention to interior surroundings, she imagines her work and places it in images of specific interiors, for a sense of how it will fit.