Sviatlana Psenickova Krepsky

my atelier
my atelier

As a child, Ms. Psenickova Krepsky received numerous awards for her innate talent. At 18, she was chosen for a scholarship by the Pregowsky Foundation and was accepted as a student at the Faculty of Architecture at the Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland.

She also earned a master's at the Faculty of Education from the Institute of Arts Education Studies with the Department of Visual Arts Education in Slovakia - with honours.

Sviatlana mastered her skills with a postgraduate study focused on Art Therapy at the Institute of Terra Therapeutica in Slovakia.

Active, emotional and even some subtle expressive qualities of her are reflected on her canvases. Expression, bright and pure colours in her work are part of her art as she wants people to look at artworks and feel the same thing that she does - joy and always a belief in the good in human nature and intention.


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